New Beginnings

August 20th, 2015

These are some more of my home plans from the New Beginnings collection.  These modestly sized homes are wonderful for new families or for anyone ready to downsize.  They follow with the new trend to minimize your home maintenance and energy usage.  Each floor plan has three different elevations options.  These stock plans are very affordable.  Please call to inquire further about purchasing a stock plan, 801-292-1512.1309 1453 1480 1966

Timeless Architecture

August 18th, 2015

Trend towards smaller home sizes continues.

As the trend towards smaller home sizes continues some of the home plans that I designed towards the beginning of my career are relevant again.  I have always tried to create timeless design and I think that quality in my home plans can be seen in this early collection named New Beginnings.  These plans are still for sale as stock plans.  Look for more of the New Beginnings collection later this week.  Please call if you are interested 801-292-1512.

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Bring your vacation home with you!

Some of your best memories are made while on vacation.  Remembering and reflecting on those relaxed moments with your senses awakened to the new surroundings can lighten your mood.  I often bring back art work from my travels and favorite places.  I love having these nostalgic pieces in my daily life.

I had this piece made from a photo a took while in California. I had this piece made from a photo I took while traveling in California.

 Studio Interior 2013 (5)  DSC_1958Studio Interior 2013 (1)  Fisher Residence St. George (64)     These are a few more items that I have picked up in my travels that remind me of California and how happy I feel on the beach.

RGM 169 This piece was done by a Brazilian artist of a beautiful Brazil landscape.

Studio Pics (25)  Studio Interior 2013 (3)  These are a couple of great pieces I have brought back with me from Brazil over the years.  I’ve been so lucky to travel in Brazil.  It is truly one of my favorite places.

A Kitchen with Heart!

August 11th, 2015

Kitchens truely are the heart of  the home.

I was so happy to help my friends remodel their kitchen and they are so happy to have it complete.  They were very patient in deciding what they wanted and what would best suit their family.  The result is stunning.

Eileen Waite Kitchen

DuMc Landscaping Details

August 6th, 2015

Details, details, details…

This is such an amazing landscape that I wanted to point out some of the interesting and uncommon details.  Notice the use of the spheres in the stairway design and in the finial balls under the pot shelves.  Spheres are not commonly used in exterior architecture, so they awaken and attract the eye yet the geometry is pleasing. The square verses circular pots have been chosen and placed carefully, which is exemplified well with the square pots both in front of the porte cochere and in the front entry cut-out.  The small details such as the mow strip in the driveway and the pebble borders around the patios give the feel that everything has been meticulously considered and executed.

Dumc courtyard stairs DuMc landscape courtyard arch dumc landscape arches into courtyarddumc landscape entrydumc courtyard wall with plantsdumc backyard tress and birdhouses

DuMc Landscape

August 4th, 2015

Never underestimate the impact of landscaping!

The landscaping is in at DuMc; the triplex in Bountiful.  The home officially looks complete and ready to have someone move-in.  This landscape provides a diversity of different areas for enjoying the outdoors.  There are several sitting areas that vary from outdoor eating to lying in the sun.  This landscape also offers several fruit trees and a raised bed vegetable garden.   I love the nostalgia of the clothes-line!  It’s all in the details…
DuMc landscaping front yardDuMc landscaping front and sideyardDuMc landscaping backyard DuMc landscaping backyard patio DuMc landscaping, clothes line, vegetable gaden, wind dial.

Kitchen Remodel

July 26th, 2015

This kitchen underwent huge a transformation!  Without gaining any square footage this remodel was able to open up the space significantly.  When comparing the existing floor plan to the new floor plan it is amazing to see how space can be used so much more effectively.  If you are the type of person who wants to maximize the space and potential of your house call us for discovery meeting.

Kitchen remodel existing floor plan

Existing Floor Plan

Kitchen remodel demolition floor plan

Demolition Floor Plan

Masson new floor plan

New Floor Plan

Kitchen Transformaiton

July 24th, 2015

I love this new kitchen!  These clients came to me with an out-of-date kitchen and open minds.  These before and after pictures really show the transformation that took place.  The original kitchen was closed off, but by changing the layout the space became inviting and allows for traffic to flow through easily.  This kitchen and dining room are in an older house with limited space so it was imperative to use every inch wisely.  The lighting, paint colors and modern materials used created a really light and fresh space.

Masson after overallMasson after fridge and sinkMasson before sinkMasson after sinkMasson before dining to islandMasson after coffee center  Masson before rangeMasson after island to coffee    Masson before island

Kitchen Transformation

July 21st, 2015

Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

It is hard to imagine a transformation as large as this was.  Starting with a small space in an older home made it imperative to use every inch wisely in the new kitchen.  The original kitchen was dark with upper cabinets above all the work spaces.  The floor plan was enclosed, not allowing for traffic to flow through.   The new kitchen is open, inviting, beautiful, and custom designed to fit this family’s needs perfectly.  These before and after pictures are striking.

Remodeled kitcehn with hood over islandKitchen before remodelStainless farmhouse sink and stainless backsplashKithen before remodelBuilt-in coffee center with stainless backsplashKitchen before remodelRemodeled kitchen with hood over islandKitchen and dining before remodelStainless farmhouse sink, stainless backspash, hood over island


Pots and Plants

July 20th, 2015


In landscape design I like to use lots of textures and layers created with plants, pots and yard adornments.  At my studio I have white blooms, red accents and a dense green background.  My studio blooms in white roses, white daisies, a magnolia tree, and hydrangeas.  I love the potted red maples out front.  The yard adornments vary from the decorative white picket fence to lanterns and metal garden art peeking through all the wonderful plants.

Red maple in front of fortress wallDaisies along a white picket fencelandscape adornments- metal starLandscape adornments- metal bird house      Landscape adornments- metal welcome signlandscape adornments- metal lanternsCement pot     Grey river rocks in planters