I’m settling into my remodel house while I build my future home Val-ore House.  The last few details have been added including the fireplace surround. I had concrete fabricated to look to like soapstone.
Fairview Cottage Interiors8
Here is a look at the fireplace before and during the remodel. What do you think?
Fairview Cottage Front Room Before & After
Fairview Cottage Interiors3
I named the home Fairview cottage and wanted it to have a quaint feeling. The cabinets in the kitchen were too current for a cottage feel, so I added color to create charm and add dimension to the space.
Fairview Cottage Before Kitchen
Fairview Cottage Interior26
Fairview Cottage Interiors6
In the dining nook I painted the walls High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams. I added some interior details below the windows and had a custom phrase hand painted above the windows.
Fairview Cottage Interior8

Fairview Cottage Interior

January 25th, 2018

Welcome inside Fairview Cottage. Keeping with small affordable changes, in the remodel I started by painting everything High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams. I added the beams to relate to the mantel and stained them to match the kitchen cabinets. I toned down the fireplace because I had wood furniture and didn’t want it to look too heavy. I am replacing the tile with a black concrete material. So keep following and I’ll reveal the final result.
Fairview Cottage Front Room Before & After
Fairview Cottage Interior1
When arranging a room I look at it architecturally. To balance the large window behind the couch I used a big piece of art on the opposite wall.
Fairview Cottage Interior7
The whole composition on this wall was designed to relate to the fireplace wall opposite of it. The elements in these spaces could be smaller so I selected the piece with the multi colored drawers instead of a solid chest which would feel heavier in the space and wouldn’t be as effective in the grouping and scale of it all.
Fairview Cottage Interior9 Fairview Cottage Interior14
Want help adding small affordable architectural details to your home? Give me a call to see how I can help 801-292-1512!

Fairview Cottage Master Bedroom

January 24th, 2018

Welcome to the master bedroom at Fairview Cottage. I was working with an intentionally small bedroom, which is one of the characteristics I love about older homes. The before and after images show how placement of furniture and art can make any size room feel well balanced.
Fairview Cottage Master Bedroom Before & After
I used the bedframe to create the feeling of a room within a room. The widow wasn’t centered on the wall so I added artwork to create balance with the window.
Fairview Cottage Interior10
Fairview Cottage Interior4
Placing the armoire at an angle adds dimension to the room, and the plants bring life. I try to keep the blinds at the same height in any room and then add varying height through other elements like the wreath and stacked blankets.
Fairview Cottage Interior11
Fairview Cottage Interior25
Whatever the size of your bedroom you can use the same techniques of balance, symmetry, spacing and dimension to create a feeing of welcome and calm rather than disproportion and disorder.
Fairview Cottage Interior13
If you are interested in giving your home a refresh for the new year and want help with these small affordable changes (that can make a big impact) give us a call 801-292-1512. (We don’t always offer these services so call while we are still offering. You won’t want to miss out!) See the exterior of this home here.

Fairview Cottage

January 19th, 2018

I am in the process of building my next home and decided in the interim to buy a little house in downtown Bountiful. I wanted to take on one of the challenges that I hear from so many of you: how can I make a big impact with small affordable changes. I selected a well built home with simple clean straight lines. Welcome to my new home Fairview Cottage!
Fairview Cottage8
Here is the before:
Fairview Cottage Exterior
I started by painting the exterior of the home, the carport, and the garage SherwinWilliams Shell White. I added shutters the length of the door and painted all exterior doors and trim SherwinWilliams Peppercorn. I found the planters while I was in California at one of my favorite garden stores.
Fairview Cottage 7
Fairview Cottage
Fairview Cottage6
Fairview Cottage Details
If you’ve followed my work you’ll know that a cupola and a weathervane a top each of my homes is one of my signature details.
Fairview Cottage3
One of the features I quite liked about the home was the carport that could be utilized as a porte-cochere. I love the idea that you can be dropped off and unload your belonging and then head into the garage. I added detail to the ceiling of the porte-cochere to help customize the exterior of the home.
Fairview Cottage5
Fairview Cottage4
Here is a peak at the backyard. There is a covered patio off the garage and I’ll share more of this space once spring rolls around and I can start using it. Behind the back fence I created a large fenced area where my dog Bernard can run and play.
Fairview Cottage2

Val-ore House

January 10th, 2018

2018 is going to be great! I have finished the plans for my next home Val-ore House and it should be completed this year. The lot I purchased is just two houses up from a home I remodeled years ago, La Camille. So I’m looking forward to being back in such a great neighborhood. I’ve built several homes in Bountiful and love the challenge of building on difficult lots that most pass up.

This new build will be filled with my personal aesthetic. I have always loved European style and wanted to add a a modern vibe and twist to it. I will be creating a whole new look and feel incorporating the European style with modern twists while maintaining a country feel. The exterior will be stone or brick to look old and I’ll be incorporating limestone, board, and stucco. I’ll make sure I share all the details along the process but for now here is a look at the plans I’ve drawn up:



Timeless Quality

December 11th, 2017

Many of you got to tour our Holiday House last week. What did you think? Here is a mini tour for those of you who missed it. I designed this home over 21 years ago with a look that lasts for a test of time and function. The home was originally designed for the homeowners and their small children and now is the perfect gathering spot for their grown children and grandchildren!
JR Front Porch
If you have planter boxes or pots in your entry I love this idea of adding a layer of fresh cranberries for the holidays!
JR Cranberries

JR Front Porch2

JR Tree3

JR Dining Front

JR Kitchen

JR Christamas Cookies

JR Tree
The artisan style with a craftsman influence adds to the timeless look of the home.
JR Details

JR Mantel

JR Master2

JR Fireplace

JR Piano-001

DuMc Place Kitchen

November 20th, 2017

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving in my DuMc home kitchen.  I’ve since sold this home and I am  will be missing my kitchen this year. We might not all have the ideal home for hosting Thanksgiving. But we all have the ideal home for giving thanks!
rmb 23 rmb 24 rmb 25 rmb 26 rmb 27 rmb 28 rmb 29 rmb 30 rmb 31

Cafe Sabor St. George

November 16th, 2017

I’ve always loved the food at Cafe Sabor. I’ve eaten at their Logan location for going on 13 years. So I was thrilled when asked to design their new location in St. George. It’s in the historical district and many buildings in the area have a triangulated pediment above the entry. You’ll see I recreated the same pediment above the entry of Cafe Sabor. The overall idea was to give the space a warehouse feel. It not the stereotypical style for a Mexican restaurant because the food is not stereotypical!
Inside I created two open dining rooms. One dining area is on a upper level with accordion type windows to allow for connection of indoor and outdoor spaces. Since St. George has such beautiful weather the windows will be able to be opened up most of the year. Make sure you stop by next time you are in St. George!
Images from @cafesabor instagram freed.