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Welcome inside this beautiful custom home! To create a nice flow from exterior to interior, a nice traditional design feature, I used a similar timeless color palate.
When designing the floor plan, I had symmetry in mind. I centered the fireplaces and French doors in each room. The owners continued this feeling by placing the furniture to reflect the order of the architecture.

You can see the exterior of this beautiful home here. As mentioned before this home was recently sold and I am currently drawing up plans for a new custom residence for these talented clients!

Photos by Leane Jensen

An opportunity was given to me to design a home of timeless design. To create this traditional Cape Cod style home I used off whites and had cut stone laid in a structural timeless way. The passion the clients had for design made this custom home a delight to draw-up. They understood and valued symmetry, balance, and proportion and working with them I was able to create those elements in their home.

The home was recently sold so we had it photographed. The exciting news is I am currently drawing up plans for a new custom residence for these talented clients!

Photos by Leane Jensen

Congratulations Aubrey!

September 20th, 2012

Last weekend our very own Aubrey got married! We are so excited for her and Mike. They were just glowing and you could feel their joy. It was great to see a couple so happy and in love. As a staff we had fun celebrating with them.

Lauri, Aubrey, Me and Linda. What a sight!

The destination wedding was in Moab which made for a remarkable backdrop to the event. The wedding was very traditional with bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, a first dance with the father etc, but far from ordinary. From the red cliffs as the backdrop, cowboy boots on the bridesmaids to the theme and decor, everything had Aubrey’s brilliant touch to it.

"a city bird goes to Moab"

What a great weekend. Thank you and congratulations Aubrey and Mike!

Eco House Construction

September 18th, 2012

Last week I visited Eco House, located at the mouth of Zion’s Canyon. I designed this innovative home to fit the environment and this spectacular lot! The construction is really moving along and the detail in the wood work is coming together nicely.

For those of you who haven’t seen the renderings previously, here is a shot of the front and rear of the home.
You can see renderings, the floor plan, and details for this amazing home in past posts.  You can also see what the lot looked like in April and July.

Street of Dreams 2012 Interiors

September 11th, 2012

Interior pictures of my trip to the Portland Street of Dreams. Finally! It is always inspiring to see the variety and range of style and design all on one street…traditional, Pacific North West, modern, Tuscan, and East Coast style. (You can see the exteriors of the homes here.)



See more photos of Montauk.


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Davinci photos here

Shangri Lane Remodel Interior

September 7th, 2012


The fixtures, paint colors and railing detail in the entry were selected to reference the “50’s moderne” style of the original home. I also shifted the whole wall in the entry to the south- if you notice the beam on the ceiling you can see there is more space in the “after” photos.


In the kitchen I turned the prep area into the dining area to open the space up to the entry and modernize the home. I used the most up to date appliances, lighting, and mechanical systems to match the modernization. I added more light with the transom window in the kitchen as well as an additional window above the new sink to match the existing window.


Much of the great room is the addition to the home. The dominant beam you can see was the end of the old house, beyond it is the addition.




The before picture you see was an old game room. On the other side of the wall was a bedroom. I removed the wall to create a larger game room and added the fireplace you see below.


Much of the basement was previously crawl space. I wanted to increase the ceiling height and turn the space into bedrooms. Scott and his team at Treo Development were amazing and jack hammered the concrete shelf out.

Shangri Lane Remodel Exterior

September 5th, 2012

Not far from the Brinton-Dahl house in Holladay is another unique home that I had the opportunity to remodel and design an addition for. I worked with the same investor on both homes. This house was originally built in the 1950’s with a classic “50’s moderne” style. My mission was to enhance the style but bring it modern. Similar to what I did with the Brinton-Dahl house, I took a look at the historic references and then created the spaces around it. You can use this same design principle whether you are working with an 1800’s, 1950’s, or 1990’s house.


The home previously had a car port which we completely removed and added a new garage. I created a Butterfly roof to bring more of the “50’s moderne” style as we added on to the house. (The photo angle doesn’t show it off as well as it would if you were standing in front of it.)


To the back I added a great room and terrace to create a covered patio on the lower level.

The Treo Development group was great to work with! Interior pictures coming soon.
This home is for sale!