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Behind the Fort Wall we have a charming tin building … this is where I go to create custom design projects.

From the initial client meeting I try to get into the minds of my clients. Square footage, room layout, style, and functional needs are all important aspects for me to understand. However, what I really love is to learn the personalities and lifestyles of my clients. I feel by knowing your hobbies, and habits I’m able to customize your plans a step beyond most. One of my favorite things is to visit my clients existing home to see how they currently use their space. Discovering the messiest and most used areas of the home speaks volumes. If the laundry room is brimming, a larger laundry room in the new home is a must. If dishes are piled in the sink, perhaps a second dishwasher in the new home would be of benefit. I review photos of homes and rooms they like and extrapolate their desired look and feel. Understanding my clients is all part of my schematic design phase. While taking these things into consideration I begin to create sketches. I provide several designs to my clients to help them consider all the options. After reviewing we often combine their favorite ideas from the sketches, make tweaks, modify to further fit their family’s needs, and create one final plan. My goal is to present a final plan that they will be happy to call home!

Once a wonderful schematic design has been created the plan is drafted. Everything is given an actual size and dimension.
During the drafting I work on the proportion of windows, doors, and roof line to match the floor plan. I continue to work back and forth between the floor plan and elevations in perfecting the design. There is a continual balancing act when placing the design features on the exterior of a home, using the right percentage of building materials and proportioning the number and size of windows to doors. My time creating in the tin building is what I enjoy more than anything else!

Liv Showroom Sale

March 20th, 2013

It’s the first day of spring! I have done my spring cleaning and joined the designers at Liv Showroom in Bountiful for an amazing sale. There will be art work, lamps, chairs, tables, bed frames, rugs, accessories and more at amazing prices. Think of it as a floor sample sale/designers spring cleaning event! I have several of my pieces on the showroom floor waiting to find a spot in your home! The event runs this Thursday through Saturday from 10am-5pm so stop in at 470 South Main Street in Bountiful.

I am so excited for the newest issue of Utah Style & Design to hit newstands! The Brinton-Dahl remodel I did for the Salt Lake Parade of Homes last year is featured. The entire issue is inspiring, you’ll definitely want a copy!

Greetings from Argentina

March 13th, 2013

The architecture here in Argentina is so beautiful! I love the detail work on this Catholic church, built in the 17th century.

I’m also inspired by all the fabulous interior architecture.

Greetings from Sao Paulo

March 7th, 2013

Greetings from Sao Paulo! I am so fortunate to spend time in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina this week and next.

This is one of the beautiful churches we had the opportunity to visit.

Here you can see traditional Brazilian architecture from the north..notice the open airy feel and use of timbers as structure.
Even the mall has beautiful interior architecture with glass ceilings, glass rails etc.

Color study in pastry.

This is the car we go from appointment to appointment in;).

Welcome to Somerset, or perhaps some of you know it best as #3 from the St. George Parade of Homes. If it looks familiar it’s one of the Entrada house plans I designed and we’ve had models featured in the parade over the last few years. Thank you Alice Lane for the photographs and an amazing job on the interiors.