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April 25th, 2013

The next home I built for myself was the Lorell. For the time period I used a lot of innovative ideas in this house including yellow automotive paint on the kitchen cabinets, vaulted ceilings, and hand antiqued concrete floor tiles all situated on the hill with a great view!

Welcome to Lorell:

The 1977

April 23rd, 2013

In the process of moving and planning for my next house. I thought it might be fun to go down memory lane and show you a few of the houses I have previously built and lived in. Part of the reason I like to build is to experiment with different materials and spaces so when designing for others I can offer personal insight and opinions.
The 1977 is one of the first homes I designed for myself. I couldn’t find the original photos…these photos were taken a few years ago when we had a Utah Designers League Association tour and one of the talented designers in our group owned the home.

Welcome to The 1977:

I love the lot that I build this house on. You get a peak of the amazing landscape that is the backyard from this last photo.

Farewell to La Camille

April 17th, 2013

It’s moving week! I am so happy to sell my house to a dear friend whom I have know since 1984. She is a designer and I know she will appreciate every detail in the home. Here’s one last peak at the main floor, upper floor, basement and casita.

I am so fortunate to have found a place to stay in my same neighborhood as I plan for my next house!

La Camille was a remodel see before and after pictures of the exterior and interior here.

Laird Street Remodel

April 10th, 2013

I am excited to be working with Mike Baird (you may know him best as Flip Man Mike) on a remodel to a charming home in the Yalecrest district of Salt Lake City. My goal with the remodel is to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood with respect to the existing heights and details of the home. The home will be rich with details from the local area including a bracketed porch, columns, a Romeo & Juliet style balcony, as well a large covered patio addition.

The new covered patio will provide beautiful outdoor living space with a new master bedroom above and theater below (all added to the back of the home). I have also drawn up a detached garage that will be as cute as can be with a steep roof line and cupola to match the style of the original home.

We have high hopes for this home to be featured in the upcoming Salt Lake Parade of Homes so we’ll keep you posted!

The Cottage Journal

April 5th, 2013

We have had such positive press with the Brinton-Dahl House and were excited to see it featured in the national magazine The Cottage Journal. The issue is full of many other amazing homes and wonderful interior details including beautiful moldings and trim. I am excited to have a new magazine in my repertoire to draw ideas from.

Beyond the fort wall and inside our studio there is constant creativity and hard work going on. We meet with our clients and work to execute their design wishes.  The studio is a remodel of a home that was originally built in the 40′s. I designed the space with a goal to preserve as much of the original as possible. Where the fireplace now sits there were originally two windows that I moved to the conference room to allow for more light.
In Scotland it was rare to have a pineapple and became a symbol of hospitality. I wanted to use this symbol to welcome all. You will notice the pineapple on the shutters, stenciled on the roller shades, and on the tile set in the fireplace mantel below.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home I would love to meet with you and help you recreate your creative space for thoughtful living.