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Those of you who know me well know I love to preserve history and create meaning in design. In the post below you can see that the charming yellow house has to be removed in order for the new triplex to be built. I have salvaged a few of the charming elements of this old home to incorporate into the new structure. This original hardware will create a unique connection between the past and the future!

DuMc Place

May 28th, 2013

Downtown living has its perks being central to commerce as well as historic areas. I am currently working on plans to be developed in downtown Bountiful. The concept was to build three town homes each with a unique and individual style, similar to European style living. The lot size creates a narrow and deep living space for each home, also typical to downtown living. I designed the homes keeping the fit and scale of the neighborhood in mind so as not to have the roof heights taller than the original homes.

The home on the lot below will be removed and we hope to see this project completed in Spring of 2014.



An Artist’s Home

May 21st, 2013
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When designing a home it is always exciting to work with someone who appreciates the details. I had originally designed this home as a model home to be featured in the Parade of homes and met the Peterson’s as we were staging the home. Judith is an artist herself and was drawn to the amount of color and texture I had used in the home as well as its unique style. I was fortunate to then design the lower level of the home for them. Judith has furnished her home beautifully using much of her own art work. You can see more of the home and Judith’s art work here.



One of the homes in this years Venice Garden & Home Tour featured an amazing outdoor kids play place. This takes the typical tree house to the next level. Note the shading device on the “tepee” framework. I also love the horse swing with a gunny sack saddle and bicycle tires as its frame work!

Notice how unique even the climbing ladder is.

The exteriors and landscaping of the homes on the Venice Garden & Home Tour are just as impressive as the interiors. The fence detail at each of the homes was unique and inventive. Here are a few of my favorites:
This metal panel fence with an open spaced metal garden gate creates an industrial feel.

For a unique and organic fence, recycled stacked branches trimmed from trees and shrubs are stacked with re-bar supports on two sides spaced 10″ apart by 36″.

Notice how this fence detail utilizes a sliding gate on rollers so as not to break up the uniformity.

Recycled overhead garage door hardware and 1/8″ round rods in a grid pattern make up this one of a kind entry gate.

This privacy wall has been created using sonar tubes bundled together.

I was impressed with the stair detail in many of the homes on the Venice Garden & Home Tour.

Here you can see the interior stair case detail reflects the exterior of the home as seen in the photo below.

The wood and iron in this stair case are a great combination of organic materials. The design gives fluidity to a typically rigid wrought iron frame.

I am enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery of California. I spent the weekend at the Venice Garden & Home Tour. Here is a sample of the beautiful interiors. The designers are always thinking outside the proverbial box… I love this tour!!

The window centered above this bookcase creates a “painting” to the outside.

This home had a nice balance of colors with white walls, white floors,white counters, white upholstery and natural finished woods in the furniture, frames and cabinets.

In this room note the combination of bright colors contrasting with white traditional arts and crafts panels.
The bright accent color is also used in the skylight above the shower.

There are so many creative and inventive ideas throughout this tour. The lighting coming through this interior space creates a fantastic collection of spots.

I love the use of indoor outdoor spaces in so many of the homes.

This breakfast room has a glass floor and glass walls that flow into a private garden courtyard!

McArthur Park

May 2nd, 2013

After building Dorlen I built McArthur Park. I lived in this home for several years and loved living near the wonderful neighbors. My goal in building this home was to establish single family residential housing in a commercially divided neighborhood. I also wanted the home to look established. To achieve this I used landscaping as well as the architecture of a classical design because of the older homes that were built on the street. After it was completed many thought it was a remodel and had been there for years. McArthur Park will always stand as one of my signature homes as I patterned it after my logo.

Welcome to McArthur Park: