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Portland Street of Dreams 2013

August 27th, 2013

I spent the weekend in Portland for my annual trip to the Portland Street of Dreams. Not only do I enjoy this home tour, but I love Portland, it is one of my favorite cities to visit. This year the home tour was in West Linn which is so beautiful and green. It offered over 54,000 square feet of total viewing experience! Every home was uniquely different. I was so impressed by these homes that for the next several weeks I will be sharing the interior, exterior, and landscaping details.

The American DreamBlackmore
The Two Thousand Thirteen
The Rendezvous
Southern Exposure

I also wanted to introduce you to these last two homes. I didn’t get a good exterior shot of them so the rendering will have to do for now.


Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2013

August 22nd, 2013

I had a great time consulting with Mike Baird (aka Flip Man Mike) on Michigan Avenue, a remodel featured in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. I worked with Mike selecting paint colors and defining architectural details. The home turned out great!

Michigan Avenue

If you didn’t get a chance to visit the Parade here are a few more homes I think you’ll enjoy!

Estate At Dimple Dell

This home was also a remodel with beautiful interior features. The window frames were stained black, coupled with a white window trim to create beautiful interior detail.

The Camel

Another great home in the Parade this year was The Camel with its interiors done by LMK. One of the challenges on this project was to integrate the traditional exterior with their contemporary styled interiors, but they dovetailed the styles very nicely.

Legacy Office Building

August 20th, 2013

Just having broken ground, the Legacy Office Building will soon become the new headquarters for Henry Walker Homes in Centerville, Utah. For the building, I will be choosing all the interior finishes and today I will be presenting my selections to the board! I thought I might give you a peek of some of my choices. The look I want to achieve is one that harks back to an older style but that also mixes in some new. Through the materials, I also want to represent what the building will be used for, which essentially will be a design center and a storage place, or warehouse. The porcelain tile, for example, gives the look of wood and an older warehouse-type feel. But together with the honeycomb tile, refinement is added to the look. Marble thresholds incorporate old style as well.

If you remember from a past post, I have designed six new plans for a Henry Walker Homes development in St. George called The Escapes as Entrada. I previously showed the first three plans, and here you can now see the other three! Again, you see how each plan and design vary from one another – specifically the exterior design in placement of material and architectural features.

Plan 4

Plan 5

Plan 6

Lodder Homes

August 14th, 2013

If you are in the market for a new home but not quite in the position to afford a uniquely custom home, we have some semi-custom options now available. I have a working relationship with several local homebuilders and now add Lodder Homes to that list.

Starting with their stock plans I have customized this home to improve it visually as well as functionally all while keeping the same number of windows, doors, and square footage as the original stock plan so as not to change the price to build. I tailored this home plan in a way to suit my clients who are now empty nesters. I added several changes that you won’t see in a stock plan such as a dual entry into the laundry room. I am excited to see the interior details coming together that make this a “Robert McArthur” home design.

When I stopped by today it was pleasing to see some of these details which have already been installed, namely some custom tile pieces which were chosen. You can see how these details have been incorporated into the kitchen’s backplash, firplace, and master shower. I think the terracotta flooring tile we used throughout the main floor looks great as well!

I have created 28 versions of plans for Lodder Homes and would love to work with you to create your semi-custom home at an affordable price! Contact us for more details at 801-292-1512.

Montrone Legacy Gardens

August 8th, 2013

This week I had the special opportunity to spend sometime outdoors as I was taken on a landscape tour guided by Alyson O’Steen with Pendleton Design Management. Finished just over one year ago, Pendleton took on this project for a client in Holladay. It has now been given the name Montrone Legacy Gardens and will soon be published in the Smithsonian! Taking only a few months to complete – an amazing feat to say the least – Pendleton has transformed 2.5 acres into a stunning retreat for their clients. The landscape is filled with numerous treasures, not to mention bonsai trees that age over 100 years old! Many full grown trees, one being over 50 years old, were specially brought into the garden as well. Another spectacular feature is the sequoia tree pieces that have been placed as a pathway throughout the garden. As you can see, the garden has a magical and whimsical feel that is enhanced by great lighting designed by Hammerton. It is truly an extraordinary “little” haven!


Las Vegas Market

August 6th, 2013

Coming back from Market, I have a few pictures to show of where the growing look is headed! Looking through the pictures below, you can see how the new designs have a retro look with a club-like feel to them. Grays, whites, and jewel-toned accessories are used with strong punches of color brought in by a mandarin orange hue – used in either small or large amounts. Metallics in both shiny and matte finishes are also used along with nickel and pewter. Tufted furniture pieces are also incorporated. Another common feature I noticed was the use of multi-use spaces where at least two conversation areas were included within one space. This is great to do when you have a large room to work with.

For now, I would advise that going “all-out-retro” is perhaps a bit too much. Instead, bring the club-look in with small amounts here and there.

Today we have some pictures of a recent carpet installation done by Wall 2 Wall Flooring. This fun project was done for the company Folsom Associates in Salt Lake City with carpet selections chosen from Regency Royale. We used 8 different patterns to give each office and room individual personality, but selected the same blue colorway to preserve harmony for the overall design.  We chose blue in this instance as it incorporates the color of Folsom’s logo. Notice how the solid blue thresholds also match the blue doorways; these thresholds also help give the carpet transitions a nice, crisp look.