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Brinton-Dahl Charm

September 25th, 2013

Remember the Brinton-Dahl home I remodeled just over a year ago? I recently came across a charming letter I received and thought it would be fun to share:

I want to say thank you for doing such a beautiful remodel on the historic Dahl home. I worked for Mrs. Ellen B. Richardson (Dahl) in the last few years of her life in this home. I was hired to help dust and mop but soon became good friends with both Ellen and her husband Harold. My weekly visits felt more like a trip to Grandmas house rather than a job. When the Victorian was first sold after her passing I had high hopes that someone would treasure it and take care of the home as she would have wanted. To my dismay I saw the home listed on a few years later and was horrified by what the new owners had done to it’s beauty and charm. I cannot tell you how relieved and ecstatic I am to see all of your beautiful work in restoring this gorgeous home to it’s former glory and beyond. It means the world to me to see life breathed into her once again. I can see Mrs. Ellen giving you a stern but loving seal of approval. She would love that you restored her welcoming porch, her cherished fireplaces and didn’t paint over the faux finished pocket doors that she loved. I wish I could remember the artist who painted them for her. He was local and I thought she said he had done other art pieces for the LDS church. Mrs. Ellen told me that when the home was a duplex the original staircase was as you have it now but it had later been changed to accommodate a single family home. For me to get upstairs I had to wriggle my way through a few doors and her closet in a pass through between the kitchen and sitting room. The upper railing was lined with chicken wire for safety and it wasn’t nearly as light and bright.
I am so excited for a new family to enjoy this amazing home. There have been so many warm and loving memories made there and I am sure there will be many more thanks to you!
Andrea Soderquist

See more of the amazing remodel in this YouTube video!

Design Element – Rugs

September 19th, 2013

Another design element I wanted to point out from this client’s home was the placement of rugs. Occasionally you can extend your space with a rug. Notice how I used two different runners in this room to make the space appear larger. In the great room I layered a runner right across the main rug.

The runner can be longer than the space as you see here with only 2 steps.

And here is another example of the layered rug approach which I carried into the bedrooms.

Hanging Artwork

September 17th, 2013

A good place to start when placing furniture and artwork in a room is to center the furniture around the architecture of the space and then center the artwork around the furniture. This formula may not apply to every space, particularly if you are working around a view in the room. This is where the talent of a good designer can be utilized to make a space more open and use friendly.

In this client’s home notice how the placement of her artwork really highlights it and draws your attention. I have worked with this client on several homes and projects and was excited to have an opportunity to work with her again.

Master Bedroom

Each home on the tour had a beautiful outdoor living space! Portland is so beautiful that it was great to see the homes go beyond the indoors. In my opinion Utah is just as beautiful yet most of us are not taking advantage of its beauty. Here we commonly have too much of a barrier between the homes and the yards. We need to rethink how we live, and incorporate our homes and our yards much better. If you are in the process of building or remodeling your home don’t forget to talk to your professional about how your home relates to its environment!

One of the things that makes any home tour special are the design details. Always think outside the box from clustering light fixtures to storage underneath your vanity!

I appreciated the diversity of styling on this tour. I was happy to see that the furnishings in many of the homes were complementary to their unique architecture. For example, in this first image notice how the wood frames match the window frames. This was one of my favorite living spaces! The furniture was placed for intimate conversation but also fit beautifully with the architecture of the space.

Continuing with interior pictures from the Portland Street of Dreams…here are a few of my favorite powder baths from the tour.

As promised here are interior pictures from the Portland Street of Dreams, today focusing on kitchens. One of the things I observed was that most of the homes being built now have a kitchen prep area that is open to the main kitchen. This is different from the large pantry with a door on it like we have seen in the past, instead the space is open so you don’t feel like you are in a closet, it is just an additional space to the kitchen.
The most successful prep rooms were designed by a professional so that the flow of food and appliances were all integrated into the main kitchen. Can you see the prep room through the arch way above?
Many of the kitchens had beautiful symmetry with a breakfast nook on one side of the kitchen and a prep area on the other side all accessible to the main kitchen.