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I am happy to see that white walls are making a comeback. There is nothing more classic. In this living room transformation the perfects whites for the ceiling, walls, and trim made all the difference. One of the most popular questions I get is “what paint colors did you use?”
Behr Ultra Pure White was selected for the trim in this room and Sherwin-Williams White Tail was selected for the walls.

For the interior and exterior of the door I selected Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black.

I was invited to freshen up the living area of some wonderful clients. They were so gracious to work with. Their openness and trust enabled me to really perceive their personal style and their interior space exemplifies this. Here is a look at their space before:

In their living room I selected new paint for the ceiling, moldings, and walls, added shutters that go to the floor with beautiful balloon shades. One of my favorite local shops A Frames custom made a mirror to fit the space.

I sketched a new fireplace with new woodwork and marble and had the interior brick painted.

Moving into the entry I added a header to the front door and selected new paint. Notice how I like to have the trim, molding, and header for the door all the same color. I had the railing painted and selected a runner for the stairs and entry way. These are all simple changes that can freshen up any entry.

Stock Plan 1975

January 15th, 2014

The NINETEEN SEVENTY-FIVE is by far the most built stock plan I have sold. I love to see how each home owner has personalized the plan to fit their style.

If you are interested in purchasing a stock plan please stop in or give us a call (801)292-1512!

Brunken Residence- Progress

January 9th, 2014

These progress shots of the Brunken Residence show the architectural detail and classicism that I used in its design. Stone was utilized on the exterior of the elevation to be reminiscent of the stone found in the area where the house was built. The house is now finished and after the homeowners get a chance to settle in and make it home we will have it photographed and I will tell you more about it and how wonderful these clients have been to work with!

Legacy Office Building

January 7th, 2014

Here is a quick look at the Legacy Office Building in Centerville. It will house a design center on the second floor, Henry Walker Homes Corporate offices on the third floor, and Strategic Capital on the fourth floor. I am currently working on the tenant improvement build out for each of these floors. I have uniquely designed the proportions and scale to represent the nature of each business and look forward to seeing it come together over the next few months.

Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2014

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to the completion of several new projects including the Henry Walker corporate offices which will be completed in April and the DuMc town houses completed in June. We have several new custom homes that will be started this spring! We look forward to sharing each of these on the blog and being a source of inspiration for you all!

Here is a peak at DuMc Place. I designed this triplex to look like individual homes as it was planned for people who had larger homes and are now downscaling. In fact, no heated parts of the house are connected, there are no common walls. The connecting element is the garage. Most of the downtown area homes originally had porches so I designed these homes with front and back porches.


For the exterior colors I wanted to have an eclectic mix to match the downtown area of bountiful. I wanted the triplex to blend in with the homes around it that are over 100 years old and yet give a freshness to the area. I selected stone to give a historical nod to the houses in the area originally built in stone, but selected an off-white color to bring a fresh look. To warm up the off white, I selected bronze for the windows and rain carrier systems. To contrast the off white I selected a terracotta colored roof.