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Laird Street Remodel

August 25th, 2014

More pictures of the charming home on Laird Street that Robert remodeled. Hear is a quote from Mike Baird who flipped the home: “Robert McArthur and his team were nothing short of genius… The proportions, scale, and attention to detail within a limited space have been praised by all. Very few have the immediate sense and instinct like Robert. Thank you and Bravo!”

Here you can see the addition above the now covered patio.

Laird Street Remodel

August 12th, 2014

I came across pictures from the home on Laird Street that I worked with Mike Baird (aka Flip Man Mike) to remodel. He and his team are experts at flipping houses and I was happy to draw up plans for them. The home is in the Yalecrest district of Salt Lake City and my goal with the exterior elevations was to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood with respect to the existing height and details of the home while adding in details common to the area including the bracketed porch and Romeo & Juliet style balcony.

Photos from Daniel Thompson.