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Custom Home Plan

April 23rd, 2015

Building Your Dream Home

I love being able to design someone’s dream house.  I was able to create this custom home plan for a couple who have a wonderful lot in Bountiful.  This plan is so fabulous that I can’t stop my mind from taking a virtual tour through the whole house completed.  Starting with the stunning dining room right at the entry creating architectural interests with its’ two- story high hendecagon shape, yet still conveniently located next to the kitchen.   The living space along the back of the house has eight exterior French doors to let in ample light and seamlessly extend into the outdoor living space.  There is a large master suite with a grand entry, fireplace and private veranda.  However my favorite part of the master suite is the direct access to the laundry room from the master closet while still having a second entrance to the laundry room from the hallway.  I’ve walked through this house in my mind so many times that I can hardly wait to be inside when it is finished.  Construction starts soon, and I’ll keep you updated with some progress pictures.

Custom Home Plan Main Floor

Main Level Floor Plan

Custom Home Plan Upper Level Floor Plan

Upper Level Floor Plan

Custom Home Front Elevation

Front Elevation

Custom Home Right Side Elevation

Right Side Elevation

Custom Home Rear Elevation

Rear Elevation

Custom Home Left Elevation

Left Side Elevation


Are you starting to book up your summer months?  It may be the perfect time for your plans to include a new pool house.   I have had some wonderful clients that are planning on making the most of their backyard this summer with a new pool and pool house!  Check out their awesome plan.Pool House floor planPool House Front Elevation

Pool House Left Side ElevationPool House Right Side Elevation Pool House Rear Elevation

If you are just looking for one project in your home that will have a big impact, updating your lighting may be a good choice.  I tend to be drawn to modern simplistic lighting.  Lighting is techy by nature, so let the form fit the function.  Here are a few of my favorite fixtures.  Some of these lighting fixtures have been with me for years and installed in many different places.

metal sphere light modern chandelier

Loft track light modernBlack track lighting  Pendant Disc LightGlass ChandelierEntry light fixture moderndinning room single pendantliving room track light with puck lihgtsliving room track light

A Unique Twist on Plantation Shutters!

Plantation shutters have been around forever and have a very classic feel to them, however as with most classical design elements I like to put a little twist on it.  After my last post about layering window coverings I really wanted to just highlight the unique usage of shutters.  Plantation shutters are so versatile, the options are endless!

Unique shutter applications top half of window shuttersUnique shutter applications top half of window shutters

In this master bedroom I have used the shutters only on the  top half of the windows.  Also notice the shutters are top hung.

Unique shutter applications transom windows

This is a great shutter application where they are used just on the transom windows and are top hung.

Unique shutter applications faux transom windows shutters

In  this home I placed shutters above the windows and doors creating the illusion of transom windows and giving extra height to the room.

Unique shutter applications shutters all the way to the floor

For this dining room I extended the shutters past the window all the way to the floor for a clean consistent feel.

Unique shutter applications loft shutters half wallUnique shutter applications half wall shutters 485 loft

In both of these lofts I have used shutters has a partial wall.  They can be used for privacy or just a visual divide.

Unique shutter applications bathroom shutters

These shutters are above a bath tub and I only took them as high as needed for function, leaving the top half of the window open.

Unique shutter applications transom shutter  Unique shutter applications transom window mid wall

I thought a shutter was a great way to accentuate this accent window.

Unique shutter applications above bed shutters square windowsUnique shutter applications above bookcase shutters square windows

The simplicity of plantation shutters make them a great window covering for small square accent windows.

Unique shutter applications 485 door shutter   Unique shutter applications transom above door shutters

In this home I used shutters on several of my doors.

Layered Window Coverings!

Layering is used to add comfort and warmth as well as a transitional element.  People layer their clothing to create options and interest. I layer my window coverings for the same reasons.  Windows are often focal points of a room and should have treatments that create optimal interest and function.  The following window treatments consist of different combinations of sun-shade rollers, black-out rollers, shutters, balloon shades and draperies.

Layered window coverings bathroom

These windows have a sun-shade roller, a black-out roller and shutters.  The three white layers create beautiful texture and depth without competing with each other.

Layered window coverings la camille white on whiteLayered window coverings Beynon window coverings

Both of these window treatments employ the white on white concept, but with shutters and balloon shades.  The shutters add architectural interest while the balloon shades soften the space.

Layered window coverings jones kitchen

This is a really unique window arrangement with the art glass transoms, shutters and balloon shades.

Layered window coverings studio bathroom

I love this combination of custom black-out roller shades and white shutters.

Layered window coverings Hunters windows

This is a great combination of bronze sun-shade rollers with white shutters.

Layered window coverings la camille french door

Nothing is as attractive as a fully adorned French door!   Starting with a true divided light door fitted with hand-poured bronze hardware then comes the sun-shade roller, custom stenciled black-out roller and a light cafe curtain.

Layered window coverings Ellis doors

Here is another set of French doors worth admiring- heavy canvas balloon shades on top of a black-out rollers and light cafe curtains below.

Layered window coverings Henry Walker Homes model home master bedroomLayered window coverings Henry Walker Homes model home bedroom

Here the two sets of roller shades have been paired with full length drapery pooling on the floor for a super soft finish.

Layered window coverings Henry Walker Homes model home girls room

This adorable cafe curtain is paired with a sharply contrasting custom black-out roller shade.

Layered window coverings Ellis master

Black-out roller shades with soft white balloon shades on top create a balanced window treatment.

A symbolic entrance, a greeting, a pause when changing from one space to the next, may all be accomplished with a well executed gate.  A gate is often is the first impression, setting the aesthetic mood for what’s inside.  A gate is a very important beginning into mentally entering another space.  It offers a chance to pause between where you are and where you want to go.

Canyon Road Vineyard Gate

I loved designing this arched entry into a mini-vineyard garden.  This arch is actually made of steel.

Loveland entrance rock pillar and metal gateLoveland Gate rock pillar and stucco gate

This entry gate blends with the natural surroundings and maximizes the views, which is a prefect representation of the space inside.

Kachina Springs Entrada Entrance Gate

These are the gates to enter Kachina Springs at Entrada.  They really sets the architectural tone for the community.

Entrada RGM Studio gate

I  designed several gates to choose from for the homes in Entrada.  The kokopelli man on my gate gives a nod to the original inhabitants of the area.


West Week 2015

April 1st, 2015

West Week was invigorating, full of fresh design!

The furniture this year had clean simple lines and solid fabrics creating a pristine look.

Some of the best furniture was outdoor furniture.  Indoor/ Outdoor living spaces have remained very important.

I liked the neutral colors ways with just a pop of color.

I  thought this hand painted leather would create a great pop!

I had to include this light fixture- what an original piece.

Thanks West Week for all the new energy!