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Accent tiles can add a lot of charm and individuality to a home.  I like to pick tiles that not only fit in the space but also speak to me.  I like to collect tiles while I travel or even have them custom screen printed.   Here are some pictures of unique accent tile applications.

Custom Tiles

Custom screen printed tiles of children’s art work

This is a great collage of kitchen accent tiles

A collage of kitchen accent tiles

Ellis Accent Tile in wood floor

Accent tile set in wood floor

Potting Room Accent Tile

Accent tile set in laminate

Accent tiles in shower niche

Accent tiles in shower niche

Custom Screen Printed Tiles

Custom screen printed tiles of columns

Accent tile in cement fireplace sourond

 Accent tile in a cement fireplace surround

Accent Tile in Sheetrock

Accent tiles in a stone fireplace surround

Accent tile placed to the side of the bathroom vanity

Maple Hills Condo Remodel

June 19th, 2015

The Maple Hills Condo remodel is underway.  Here are  few before and construction pictures.  Stay tuned to see the transformation of this great condo!

Maybe Front DoorMaybe two stories of decksMaybe deck and stairsMaybe Downstairs outsideMaybe Interior CourtyardMaybe fireplaceMaybe Kitchen BarUpstairs ConstructionMaybe construction in stairwellMaybe new stair constructionMaybe framing constructionMaybe downstairs constructionMaybe land mover constructionMaybe deck constructionMaybe deck construction

If your looking for a new flooring solution, try layering rugs.  Pairing and arranging rugs offers a lot of versatility to your design.  I often start with a larger neutral rug such as a sisal and then add rugs with color and patterns on top.  With your  larger rug being a bit more economical it may allow you  to spend more on a smaller high quality rug to place on top.  Great texture and depth may be created with multiple rugs.  Try mixing patterns or placing them on interesting angles.

Master Bedroom layered rug 485Casita layered rug 585Living Room layered rug la camilleGirl's bedroom layered rug la camilleLoft office layered rug la camillegreat room layered rug lusk

Custom Pool House

June 12th, 2015

I designed this pool house last summer and it is being put to full use this season!  Outdoor living spaces have become increasing important to people in their home design.  Creating this pool house with a kitchenette and sitting area is a great way to increase the use of the pool area.  Enjoy the summer weather!

Roof Vents, Chimney Caps, Cupolas, Weathervanes and Spires!

Roof details are commonly overlooked although they can have a great impact.  Here are a few of my favorite roof details from through the years.

whale westhervaneCupola and weathervane  babesball player weathervaneBird weathervane, cupola and aluminum roof ventRoof vent in aluminumChimney CapChimney Vent  Rounded Chimney CapRoof vents and chimney detailDecorative roof spierMetail spierCustom metal roof spier