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Cougar Rock Interior

March 28th, 2018

I’m excited to share that I am selling my St. George home/studio. It has been such a wonderful retreat and place of inspiration for the last several years. I know many of you travel to St. George to enjoy its warmth and beauty and wanted to share the property in case you were interested. You can click here for more details. I designed the home to function as a second home that I could meet with clients as well as entertain and have guests stay for the weekend.  I love the area and will be building a new home near this one… details to come. Here is a look inside!
135Cougar Rock (2)
135Cougar Rock (23)
135Cougar Rock (28)
135Cougar Rock (30)
135Cougar Rock (31)

135Cougar Rock (6)

135Cougar Rock (10)

135Cougar Rock (15)
135Cougar Rock (16)135Cougar Rock (4)
135Cougar Rock (3)
I designed the casita to be just off the main entrance to allow guests to be able to be welcomed into the main home but have their own separate living space and privacy.
135Cougar Rock (8)
135Cougar Rock (9)

Design Influences

March 8th, 2018

Excavation has started on my new build and I can’t wait to see the building begin. As I’ve been reflecting on the loss of my mother this past week, her influence in my work has been on my mind. Both of my parents were such wonderful influences and role models in my life. My mom among many of her talents had a gift for sewing and wallpapering. I attribute much of my skills in putting colors and textures together to her. And if you’ve been through my homes you’ll know I’ve always loved and used wallpaper (even through the years when it wasn’t as popular). These images are from my personal home I just sold. I even had wallpaper on the back of my closets and on my kitchen ceiling.
rmb 1
rmb 16
rmb 21
rmb 38
rmb 37
rmb 32
rmb 30
rmb 23
My dad was an electronic engineer and as such influenced the detail and structural qualities in my designs early on. I started designing homes at the age of fifteen and my parents would drive me around to see all the local home shows. My dad loved landscaping and working with and observing him I picked up the important qualities of scale and proportion. What qualities do you attribute to your parents? I’m grateful for the positive influences my parents left with me both professionally and personally.
rmb 11
rmb 3