Brazil – Roberto Mitsuuchi

January 29th, 2013

While in Brazil we had the chance to visit Roberto Mitsuuchi’s “Salon”. His shop is perfectly organized. He not only represents talented artists (like Alexandre Reider) but he has fabulous frames that can be custom fit to your art work. Roberto has a great assistant who helps to assemble the framing in a timely precise manner.

To add to his talent, Roberto also restores furniture. He has a sensitive feel for it. There are many times that after hours of painstaking work he discovers beautiful original details under layers of paint on the furniture. Classical designs are his strengths.

One of Roberto’s premier projects was working on the Opera House in Sao Paulo. He and his group were contracted to do all of the decorative restoration to this fabulous public space. He restored gold leafing, and the decorative painting. This was a noted project by the President of the state of São Paulo.

Roberto is a very quality minded professional. He is extremely personable and exemplifies a Brazilero exactly. It is always a pleasure to work with Roberto, he always has your best interests in mind.

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