Brazil – São Paulo

January 31st, 2013

Have you ever had an experience that touches your heart and soul in such away as to change your life forever? Words can not begin to describe the incredible experience that I have every time I’m in Brazil with the wonderful people that are found there. There is such a rich cultural mix of people from all around the world. Brazil has the second largest group of Japanese people in the world. Italians, Portuguese, German, Dutch, people from Africa just to mention a few, add to the flavor of this great community. Every person seems to work together. There is a certain type of acceptance that I’ve found there that  I wish could be found every where.

The traffic is amazing. Everyone seems to move around one another in a sort of shuffle moving forward allowing people to move in the direction that they need to go. The motor bikes move quickly between cars as if to connect people to the idea that there is a place for everyone.

It seems as if most of the people are aware that there is a higher power involved in their lives. I’ve seen mission statements on entry walls that give gratitude to their God. I wonder what would happen if we could all be so bold in declaring such a fact.

I have never had quite the experience where it seems that people genuinely love one another. Some of their terms of endearments are : “Um Grande Abracos”, “Beijos”, Mi Querido”. These phrases are used with such regularity as to create an atmosphere of brotherly love that we could all learn from. I am certain as with all big cities and peoples there are many problems and challenges  but with phrases used like these it helps to connect and turn people towards a better direction.

The tropics of Brazil and São Paulo more specifically reveal how nature works with the man made environment. Little flowers grow between concrete cracks as if to reveal how everything is connected to nature and the environment. São Paulo has millions of people in its various districts.  Challenges of pollution abound but it’s people are working together to create an environment for all to live.

I have been taught many great lessons from such a great place and people. Which  will forever change my life and to whom I will ever be grateful. Thanks to the people I have worked with Um Grande Abracos a tudos.

2 Responses to “Brazil – São Paulo”

  1. Fred & Isayo

    02/01/13 at 6:16 am

    Robert, thank you for the so many wonderful pictures from Brazil !! We can’t express by the word.

  2. Kathia Moreira

    02/06/13 at 6:48 am


    It is unbelievable how you can notice important characters from our culture and “Brazilian Soul”. It was a pleasure meet you again.

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