Brazil – Sergio Loewe

January 30th, 2013

Sergio Loewe is a fabric rep for several fabric manufactures, “gentle giant” is the only phrase that comes to mind to describe this fine man. I asked him to produce four different patterns varying color ways and custom designs. He was able to take these ideas and work with his designer to incorporate the designs into his system. Next he went off to his mill to machine loom each design to meet the “Double Rub” standard. With the help of his manufactures they were able to produce these designs for my approval in less than seven working days.. incredible yes.. Brazilian yes.. quality.. the finest.

This mans ability to discern and communicate to a staff of employees is impeccable. The mutual respect they each have for one another is a perfect example of a company working together. With this fine ability fabrics can be produced flawlessly. My time with Sergio was more than just working on fabrics, it was him teaching the fine ways of working with people. Fine threads woven to create beautiful fabrics and fine people woven to a beautiful company.
Thanks Sergio-

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