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Christmas Cheer

December 12th, 2015

My studio is ready for Christmas!  Nothing puts me more in the mood for Christmas than Christmas decorations!

Candy CaneIMG_7314IMG_7312IMG_7290IMG_7305IMG_7299IMG_7300IMG_7307IMG_7306IMG_7287

The hallway with holly is hung;
The carols by choruses sung.
The tree is alight
To brighten the night
As the church bells are joyfully rung

Pots and Plants

July 20th, 2015


In landscape design I like to use lots of textures and layers created with plants, pots and yard adornments.  At my studio I have white blooms, red accents and a dense green background.  My studio blooms in white roses, white daisies, a magnolia tree, and hydrangeas.  I love the potted red maples out front.  The yard adornments vary from the decorative white picket fence to lanterns and metal garden art peeking through all the wonderful plants.

Red maple in front of fortress wallDaisies along a white picket fencelandscape adornments- metal starLandscape adornments- metal bird house      Landscape adornments- metal welcome signlandscape adornments- metal lanternsCement pot     Grey river rocks in planters


Welcome Brittany Brown

May 7th, 2015

Robert McArthur Studios has a new employee!  We are so excited to bring Brittany Brown on to our team!

Brittany is from Morgan, Utah.  She graduated from Weber State University with a dual major in Interior Design and Technical Sales.  She enjoys reading, travel, shopping,  being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.    I hope many of you have the opportunity to work with her.

Brittany Brown

Merry Christmas!

December 30th, 2014

I love all the creativity the holidays bring out in people- the seasonal decor, crafting, specialty baking and present WRAPPING.  Here’s a peek of my studio this season.

The holiday alphabet cards are a great graphic addition to a gift.  I also love the yarn tassels.  A sprig of real evergreen on a gift offers an authentic and alive feel.  And for the odd shaped gifts I think this wrapping paper envelope is genius.  However you choose to adorn your packages have fun with it!

During this holiday season I want to thank all of my clients.  I appreciate the opportunity to share our interests in architecture and interior design.  These projects energize and feed my very being.  Signing out on 2014  with a heart full of gratitude and excited anticipation for 2015.

Welcome Adam

November 21st, 2013

We are so excited to welcome Adam to our group. He has joined our team as financial controller and LDS account project manager. He attended XiBeiDaXue in China, graduated from BYU Hawaii and is currently working towards an MBA with an emphasis in finance. He has previously worked increasing economic relations between China and Hawaii as well as expediting religious art production for LDS temples. Adam enjoys Chinese art and children’s literature, and is working to produce his first Chinese book, created with his children in mind!

Here we all are enjoying Em’s, one of our favorite eateries!

Beyond the fort wall and inside our studio there is constant creativity and hard work going on. We meet with our clients and work to execute their design wishes.  The studio is a remodel of a home that was originally built in the 40′s. I designed the space with a goal to preserve as much of the original as possible. Where the fireplace now sits there were originally two windows that I moved to the conference room to allow for more light.
In Scotland it was rare to have a pineapple and became a symbol of hospitality. I wanted to use this symbol to welcome all. You will notice the pineapple on the shutters, stenciled on the roller shades, and on the tile set in the fireplace mantel below.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home I would love to meet with you and help you recreate your creative space for thoughtful living.

Behind the Fort Wall we have a charming tin building … this is where I go to create custom design projects.

From the initial client meeting I try to get into the minds of my clients. Square footage, room layout, style, and functional needs are all important aspects for me to understand. However, what I really love is to learn the personalities and lifestyles of my clients. I feel by knowing your hobbies, and habits I’m able to customize your plans a step beyond most. One of my favorite things is to visit my clients existing home to see how they currently use their space. Discovering the messiest and most used areas of the home speaks volumes. If the laundry room is brimming, a larger laundry room in the new home is a must. If dishes are piled in the sink, perhaps a second dishwasher in the new home would be of benefit. I review photos of homes and rooms they like and extrapolate their desired look and feel. Understanding my clients is all part of my schematic design phase. While taking these things into consideration I begin to create sketches. I provide several designs to my clients to help them consider all the options. After reviewing we often combine their favorite ideas from the sketches, make tweaks, modify to further fit their family’s needs, and create one final plan. My goal is to present a final plan that they will be happy to call home!

Once a wonderful schematic design has been created the plan is drafted. Everything is given an actual size and dimension.
During the drafting I work on the proportion of windows, doors, and roof line to match the floor plan. I continue to work back and forth between the floor plan and elevations in perfecting the design. There is a continual balancing act when placing the design features on the exterior of a home, using the right percentage of building materials and proportioning the number and size of windows to doors. My time creating in the tin building is what I enjoy more than anything else!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Continuing with our tour beyond the fort wall, if you step into the archway this is what you will see! I used several different exterior materials including stucco walls, inset tile, galvanized railing, wooden shutters, siding, a copper chimney, and a wooden door with a hand forged grate. I love the eclectic feel this creates for my place of work.