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Cougar Rock Home Exterior

April 9th, 2018

I am building a new home in St. George. I love the area and the opportunity to build and create something new. St. George really is the perfect spot for a second home. If you or someone you know is interested I have listed my home here. When designing this home I wanted the architecture and exterior materials to blend in with the natural surroundings. St. George has such stunning red rocks and you just can’t beat the surrounding landscapes.
135Cougar Rock (18)
135Cougar Rock (21)
135Cougar Rock (22)
135Cougar Rock (13)
135Cougar Rock (12)

Cougar Rock Interior

March 28th, 2018

I’m excited to share that I am selling my St. George home/studio. It has been such a wonderful retreat and place of inspiration for the last several years. I know many of you travel to St. George to enjoy its warmth and beauty and wanted to share the property in case you were interested. You can click here for more details. I designed the home to function as a second home that I could meet with clients as well as entertain and have guests stay for the weekend.  I love the area and will be building a new home near this one… details to come. Here is a look inside!
135Cougar Rock (2)
135Cougar Rock (23)
135Cougar Rock (28)
135Cougar Rock (30)
135Cougar Rock (31)

135Cougar Rock (6)

135Cougar Rock (10)

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135Cougar Rock (16)135Cougar Rock (4)
135Cougar Rock (3)
I designed the casita to be just off the main entrance to allow guests to be able to be welcomed into the main home but have their own separate living space and privacy.
135Cougar Rock (8)
135Cougar Rock (9)

Val-ore House

January 10th, 2018

2018 is going to be great! I have finished the plans for my next home Val-ore House and it should be completed this year. The lot I purchased is just two houses up from a home I remodeled years ago, La Camille. So I’m looking forward to being back in such a great neighborhood. I’ve built several homes in Bountiful and love the challenge of building on difficult lots that most pass up.

This new build will be filled with my personal aesthetic. I have always loved European style and wanted to add a a modern vibe and twist to it. I will be creating a whole new look and feel incorporating the European style with modern twists while maintaining a country feel. The exterior will be stone or brick to look old and I’ll be incorporating limestone, board, and stucco. I’ll make sure I share all the details along the process but for now here is a look at the plans I’ve drawn up:



Timeless Quality

December 11th, 2017

Many of you got to tour our Holiday House last week. What did you think? Here is a mini tour for those of you who missed it. I designed this home over 21 years ago with a look that lasts for a test of time and function. The home was originally designed for the homeowners and their small children and now is the perfect gathering spot for their grown children and grandchildren!
JR Front Porch
If you have planter boxes or pots in your entry I love this idea of adding a layer of fresh cranberries for the holidays!
JR Cranberries

JR Front Porch2

JR Tree3

JR Dining Front

JR Kitchen

JR Christamas Cookies

JR Tree
The artisan style with a craftsman influence adds to the timeless look of the home.
JR Details

JR Mantel

JR Master2

JR Fireplace

JR Piano-001

DuMc Place Kitchen

November 20th, 2017

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving in my DuMc home kitchen.  I’ve since sold this home and I am  will be missing my kitchen this year. We might not all have the ideal home for hosting Thanksgiving. But we all have the ideal home for giving thanks!
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Utah Style & Design Fall 2017

October 5th, 2017

The fall issue of Utah Style & Design has hit the news stands. Trust me you are going to want a copy! My home is featured along with tips for creating a home filled with personality and individual style. Let me know what tips you incorporate into your home.
USD FA17 Feat McArthur copy USD FA17 Feat McArthur copy2
USD FA17 Feat McArthur copy3
USD FA17 Feat McArthur copy4

USD FA17 Feat McArthur copy5

USD FA17 Feat McArthur copy6

Cougar Rock St. George Home

September 25th, 2017

I spent the weekend at my home in St. George. It is my home away from home, my escape, my island. When designing the home I wanted the architecture to blend in with St. George’s stunning red rocks and overall environment. I kept the exterior and interior spaces cohesive but brightened up the interior space through furnishings with lighter fabrics and textures to provide more of a resort feel. Here is a peek at the entrance and main living area.





Photo credit: Jeremiah Barber

Details at No. 157

October 17th, 2016

The last few details have been added to No. 157 at DuMc Place. I am so grateful for the talented artisans that I have the opportunity to work with including Susie Muise who stood atop a ladder to add handcrafted lettering above the front door.
I added calligraphy to the blinds as a historical nod and to soften the home. Historically when one was remodeling or demolishing a building you would number or alphabetize the items you were keeping on the property so you could remember exactly how they were in the original structure. On the main level of the home I numbered the interior and exterior of the blinds, upstairs is alphabetized and the lower level has roman numerals.