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West Week 2015

April 1st, 2015

West Week was invigorating, full of fresh design!

The furniture this year had clean simple lines and solid fabrics creating a pristine look.

Some of the best furniture was outdoor furniture.  Indoor/ Outdoor living spaces have remained very important.

I liked the neutral colors ways with just a pop of color.

I  thought this hand painted leather would create a great pop!

I had to include this light fixture- what an original piece.

Thanks West Week for all the new energy!

Street of Dreams 2014

September 17th, 2014

At the Street of Dreams it was fun to see old ideas being brought new again. In the kitchens there was no extreme use of color that would date the house. I think the trend over the next couple years will be a return to stained cabinets.

The formal dining room was very popular on this home tour as almost every home had one in addition to an informal dining space.

It was fun to see classic trends continuing on in the bathrooms and powder baths.

Street of Dreams 2014

September 15th, 2014

The Street of Dreams is one of the best parade homes around and this year was no exception. I love how they gather the homes all on one street. It truly creates a neighborhood where all the homes are the same standard and age. I loved the timeless design of these homes. The spaces were not volumetrically big, instead they were very liveable. Here are a few of the great rooms from the tour.

The landscape details had great continuation building in height progression from the edge details, sidewalk, border of rocks, lawn, and shrubs.

Last month I visited Newport Beach and toured the Philharmonic House of Design. It was “serenity by the sea” in my opinion. All furniture fabrics and accessories were inspired by the ocean and beaches around. The architecture was low lying to preserve views, thus allowing neighboring homes to have sight lines to the ocean. The garage was in the lower level accessed only by a private side driveway descending to the lower level basement. The walls and flooring were all beautiful backgrounds.

I thought this was a great idea for a television.

Photos from yours truly & PhilharmonicHouseOfDesign (Cindy Smetana Interior & CeCe Lorthioir).

This weekend I made my annual visit to the Venice Home & Garden Tour. The personalities of the home owners were exemplified in the interiors. Utilizing a professional to help pull your personality into your home is key.

This Noguchi designed home was my favorite.

Each home on the tour had a beautiful outdoor living space! Portland is so beautiful that it was great to see the homes go beyond the indoors. In my opinion Utah is just as beautiful yet most of us are not taking advantage of its beauty. Here we commonly have too much of a barrier between the homes and the yards. We need to rethink how we live, and incorporate our homes and our yards much better. If you are in the process of building or remodeling your home don’t forget to talk to your professional about how your home relates to its environment!

One of the things that makes any home tour special are the design details. Always think outside the box from clustering light fixtures to storage underneath your vanity!

I appreciated the diversity of styling on this tour. I was happy to see that the furnishings in many of the homes were complementary to their unique architecture. For example, in this first image notice how the wood frames match the window frames. This was one of my favorite living spaces! The furniture was placed for intimate conversation but also fit beautifully with the architecture of the space.