Fairview Cottage Master Bedroom

January 24th, 2018

Welcome to the master bedroom at Fairview Cottage. I was working with an intentionally small bedroom, which is one of the characteristics I love about older homes. The before and after images show how placement of furniture and art can make any size room feel well balanced.
Fairview Cottage Master Bedroom Before & After
I used the bedframe to create the feeling of a room within a room. The widow wasn’t centered on the wall so I added artwork to create balance with the window.
Fairview Cottage Interior10
Fairview Cottage Interior4
Placing the armoire at an angle adds dimension to the room, and the plants bring life. I try to keep the blinds at the same height in any room and then add varying height through other elements like the wreath and stacked blankets.
Fairview Cottage Interior11
Fairview Cottage Interior25
Whatever the size of your bedroom you can use the same techniques of balance, symmetry, spacing and dimension to create a feeing of welcome and calm rather than disproportion and disorder.
Fairview Cottage Interior13
If you are interested in giving your home a refresh for the new year and want help with these small affordable changes (that can make a big impact) give us a call 801-292-1512. (We don’t always offer these services so call while we are still offering. You won’t want to miss out!) See the exterior of this home here.

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