This week I want to introduce you to my current home. This is a home I purchased in Bountiful to remodel. I hope you enjoy the before and after pictures!

Tip: When remodeling, keep the style of the original home

Tip:Don’t underestimate the power of great landscaping!

BEFORE: Landscaping the backyard was a challenge because of the tight space and challenging retaining wall.

AFTER: I wanted to capitalize on the space and create the feeling of a courtyard. The trees, hedges, and formality of patios gives a courtyard feel.

Check back to see interior pictures!

3 Responses to “La Camille Remodel- Exterior”

  1. Steph

    04/19/11 at 11:27 am

    This gives my home hope! I’ll have to start saving so I can call you in for a consult in a few years!

  2. Robert G McArthur Blog

    10/27/11 at 1:50 pm

    […] really make a statement! I recently painted my front door a dark green as shown below. In previous posts you can see it painted […]

  3. Robert G McArthur Blog

    01/10/18 at 11:16 am

    […] be completed this year. The lot I purchased is just a house away from a home I remodeled years ago, La Camille. So I’m looking forward to being back in such a great neighborhood. I’ve built several […]

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