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Christmas Cheer

December 12th, 2015

My studio is ready for Christmas!  Nothing puts me more in the mood for Christmas than Christmas decorations!

Candy CaneIMG_7314IMG_7312IMG_7290IMG_7305IMG_7299IMG_7300IMG_7307IMG_7306IMG_7287

The hallway with holly is hung;
The carols by choruses sung.
The tree is alight
To brighten the night
As the church bells are joyfully rung

Fresh Fabric Ideas

July 29th, 2014

I am working on interiors for a model home and love these fresh fabric ideas. They are classic and sophisticated and will pair well with any color.

I am happy to see that white walls are making a comeback. There is nothing more classic. In this living room transformation the perfects whites for the ceiling, walls, and trim made all the difference. One of the most popular questions I get is “what paint colors did you use?”
Behr Ultra Pure White was selected for the trim in this room and Sherwin-Williams White Tail was selected for the walls.

For the interior and exterior of the door I selected Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black.

Design Element – Rugs

September 19th, 2013

Another design element I wanted to point out from this client’s home was the placement of rugs. Occasionally you can extend your space with a rug. Notice how I used two different runners in this room to make the space appear larger. In the great room I layered a runner right across the main rug.

The runner can be longer than the space as you see here with only 2 steps.

And here is another example of the layered rug approach which I carried into the bedrooms.

Hanging Artwork

September 17th, 2013

A good place to start when placing furniture and artwork in a room is to center the furniture around the architecture of the space and then center the artwork around the furniture. This formula may not apply to every space, particularly if you are working around a view in the room. This is where the talent of a good designer can be utilized to make a space more open and use friendly.

In this client’s home notice how the placement of her artwork really highlights it and draws your attention. I have worked with this client on several homes and projects and was excited to have an opportunity to work with her again.

Master Bedroom

Las Vegas Market

August 6th, 2013

Coming back from Market, I have a few pictures to show of where the growing look is headed! Looking through the pictures below, you can see how the new designs have a retro look with a club-like feel to them. Grays, whites, and jewel-toned accessories are used with strong punches of color brought in by a mandarin orange hue – used in either small or large amounts. Metallics in both shiny and matte finishes are also used along with nickel and pewter. Tufted furniture pieces are also incorporated. Another common feature I noticed was the use of multi-use spaces where at least two conversation areas were included within one space. This is great to do when you have a large room to work with.

For now, I would advise that going “all-out-retro” is perhaps a bit too much. Instead, bring the club-look in with small amounts here and there.

Room Recipes

July 2nd, 2013

I am excited for the release of a new design book and resource Room Recipes. I have know Tonya, a talented designer, for years and it is exciting to see her produce this. I was priveleged to write an endorsement for this book which is designed to be for every home owner. There are sourcing ideas from each room as well as DIY ideas. There are several local designers featured and I am excited to have my master suite, laundry room/butler’s pantry and kitchen featured in the book!

Do you recognize these images from my home? You will find theses and many more inside Room Recipes!

Happy New Year

January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year! As I look ahead to the new I like to reflect on the nostalgia of the past. I love to mix the past with the future to bring meaning to design.

When I was in my teens back in ’75 I inherited a sofa from my grandmother. Just prior to her passing away she told me she was giving me her couch and to make sure everyone knew it. What a treasure! That sofa was fairly contemporary for its day as the lines were very modern (not the typical ball and claw of its era). It was originally upholstered in mohair when my great-grandma owned it and then my grandmother had it recovered in leather. Once in my possession, to honor their past, I used both mohair and leather. I added the big silver buttons to modernize and freshen it up. I used leather on the seats as they get more wear and tear and mohair on the back for comfort. Don’t we all appreciate design a bit more if it has not only aesthetic appeal but meaning? So my challenge for you in the New Year is to find or create meaning in your home. I hope to give you bits of inspiration throughout the year!

You can see more of this home here.