Herm’s Inn Interiors

January 25th, 2012

Herm’s Inn was originally built in the 20’s. It only operated for a few years and was then abandoned. The new owner of Herm’s Inn also owns Cache Valley Electric so with the renovation I wanted to incorporate an electrical aesthetic while giving credit to the original structure. I wanted the bar to have a historic feel, but to keep it current and tech savvy it is complete with outlets.

To create an electrical aesthetic I custom designed metal brackets for the lighting behind the bar and in each booth. If you notice the light fixtures over the booths look like utility lights that have been strung. The booths have dimmers for each light, outlets for electronics and wi-fi capability. Perfect for a college town!

I had the tables custom designed to have an industrial French look. The table legs are made of real industrial valves and pluming parts. The chairs (Tolix) were designed and made in France.

These pictures show the seasonal dining room that I designed to look like an outdoor patio using limestone pavers and timber. The windows stack and slide open completely, opening the patio to the outdoors.

The signs are originals that hung under the porte-cochere. Herm’s Inn is located in Logan on Canyon Road just before you enter Logan Canyon so it was once the first and last chance for lunch!